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The changing landscape of CPDRIBA CPD Report

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The results of our survey with CPD users showing what specifiers want from CPD, how that is changing and how the RIBA CPD Providers Network can help you to build lasting relationships with specifiers. Download it here:

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Continuing professional development – more important than ever

Continuing professional development is essential for built environment professionals to keep up to date with a changing industry. New regulations, the commitment to net zero and new digital technologies are affecting the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of building design. And construction products are continually evolving and improving – helping to address today’s safety and sustainability challenges. Architects and other specifiers need to learn about the implications of these changes for their projects. CPD is obligatory for RIBA chartered members.

The RIBA CPD Providers Network enables construction product suppliers and advisory bodies to provide their expertise to the design community in a range of formats. The assessment by the RIBA helps to ensure that the CPD is high quality, credible and professional and leads to safe and informed specification decisions. This is one of the reasons why architects and others value and use CPD provided by network members, which can open the door for organisations like yours that want to build long-term relationships with specifiers.

The changing landscape of CPD

The last two years have presented challenges to delivering CPD and establishing those relationships. It has disrupted the dominance of the central pillar of CPD – the lunchtime seminar. It has also accelerated the use of digital and online ways of providing CPD, which is something that a lot of specifiers have been keen on for some time.

Digital forms of CPD present new opportunities and challenges. They can significantly extend the reach of CPD to many more specifiers and designers as they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. They are often well received by specifiers who do not have to spend time and money travelling, and they can choose when to view them. Mechanisms can be built in to collect specifiers’ contact details to facilitate ongoing contact after the CPD.

However, creating digital CPD requires skills and expertise that may be new to providers. And it takes resource to produce CPD in new formats. The informal contact and discussion that takes place at an in person seminar can also be challenging to replicate in a digital environment.

What you will find in the RIBA CPD report 2022:

This report of our latest CPD research with specifiers illustrates the shift to digital that has taken place and provides a snapshot of how specifiers anticipate accessing CPD in the future. It covers the debate about the pros and cons of digital vs in person CPD. It also covers:

  • Optimum duration and times for digital and in person CPD
  • The barriers to carrying out CPD faced by specifiers
  • Views of CPD from members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network
  • Why assessment of the CPD by the RIBA is important
  • How the RIBA CPD Providers Network helps initiate contact that can lead to mutually beneficial relationships between suppliers and specifiers
  • A case study from an RIBA CPD Providers Network member

The report highlights how the network can be a key part of your marketing strategy for working with specifiers.

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Who took part?

We received responses from 390 architects and other designers or specifiers. Around half were architects – many of them RIBA members – but a wide range of other professions were represented, including surveyors, engineers and architectural technologists. We had responses from those working in all sizes of organisation and from people at the start of their careers through to retirement.

Who took part? Job profiles of participants

Digital tech making CPD possible

Given the restrictions on physical gatherings over the past two years, it is unsurprising that almost all professionals have carried out some kind of digital CPD, such as watched a webinar or listened to a podcast. Suppliers have rapidly moved a lot of their learning content online to continue delivering CPD during this time. Read the report to find out whether digital is here to stay or if specifiers want to go back to the ways things were with a seminar over lunch in their office.

Types of CPD carried out

Types of CPD carried out: 91% - Digital CPD; 47% - In-person CPD; 33% - Other types of CPD;
5% - I do not carry out any CPD; 1% - Don’t know

Awareness of the RIBA CPD Providers Network logo

Awareness of the RIBA CPD Providers Network logo - pie chart

How well recognised is the RIBA CPD Providers Network?

The RIBA CPD Providers Network has been established for over two decades and continues to be well recognised by designers and specifiers. The vast majority of survey respondents (85%) are familiar with the logo, although this rises to 98% among architects. Read the report to find out how many have used CPD delivered by network members and why they value it.

Download the report now and learn more about how CPD can be a key part of your specifier marketing strategy.

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